Simple tips of wall renovation

wall renovation, home improvementAre you on a plan for wall renovation this time? The article here lays down simple tips which would help you out on your wall renovation venture.

Nothing looks neat and appealing like a fresh coat of good paint on the wall. However, you have to prepare the walls properly before you start rolling the paint brush. First of all, take out the wall hangings or anything you have screwed to the wall with a screw driver. Then, go on with the plastering works. Plaster with fine plaster that would be easier to sand. After you are done start sanding with sanding block and fine paper.

Always remember to paint the patches first. The big holes would need patch of similar wall material. Your hair dryer can dry up patches faster. Prior to rolling the paint brush, make sure to cut in near the edges. Besides, keep in mind to paint each of the coats in similar order as otherwise there would be wide brush strokes near the edges.

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