Setting up slabs on your side walk- a DIY project

slabs on your side walkIf you want to set up slabs on the side walk on your own, then there are few tips you should follow to end up with the work successfully. First of all have a proper measurement of the side walk. Depending on the measurements, you have to buy slabs of perfect sizes. There are variety of designs and patterns available with the slabs. You should select the perfectly designed slabs for your sidewalk depending on the surroundings.

If you a particularly designed slab for your sidewalk, then you have to keep in mind its pattern while setting the slabs. Any mismatch will make the whole thing a complete massacre. Once you have the slabs, you have to start work on the side walk.

Firstly you have peel off the layer of the side walk to a sufficient depth and then have to place a layer of concrete or sand over it. It is this concrete or sand which will bind the slabs. The sand or the concrete mixture should be done perfectly so as to get the ultimately efficiency.

Once you have the concrete or sand, next place the slabs properly following the particular pattern to give a perfect look to the side walk.

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