Setting up slabs on your side walk- a DIY project

May 2nd, 2013 by cooldude

slabs on your side walkIf you want to set up slabs on the side walk on your own, then there are few tips you should follow to end up with the work successfully. First of all have a proper measurement of the side walk. Depending on the measurements, you have to buy slabs of perfect sizes. There are variety of designs and patterns available with the slabs. You should select the perfectly designed slabs for your sidewalk depending on the surroundings.

If you a particularly designed slab for your sidewalk, then you have to keep in mind its pattern while setting the slabs. Any mismatch will make the whole thing a complete massacre. Once you have the slabs, you have to start work on the side walk.

Firstly you have peel off the layer of the side walk to a sufficient depth and then have to place a layer of concrete or sand over it. It is this concrete or sand which will bind the slabs. The sand or the concrete mixture should be done perfectly so as to get the ultimately efficiency.

Once you have the concrete or sand, next place the slabs properly following the particular pattern to give a perfect look to the side walk.

How to construct a tree house

April 13th, 2013 by cooldude

tree houseIf you are planning to gift your kids something unique, then constructing a tree house for them can be a very good option.  Prior to the construction of a tree house, what you need to search for is a proper tree with a sufficiently strong foundation which can easily hold a house. If you are not experienced in the field of tree house, then it always advisable to seek the advice of some expert personnel or carpenter who can really guide you.

First thing, depending on the place available for the tree house, you have to chalk out a schematic design of the house you want to construct. Depending on that design, you have to buy some good quality wood from the market. Inferior quality wood is not safe for the house.

Provided if you have the proper tools with you, you can start working on the tree house with the right tools and the wood. Thus you will end up building a tree house for your children.

Exterior siding- a beneficial step for effective home renovation

January 17th, 2013 by cooldude

Exterior siding, home renovationHome exterior siding is hugely beneficial. There are many who ignore the siding part being unaware of its many advantages and the post below is all set to highlight on the different plus points of siding.

The major benefit of home exterior siding is greater energy efficiency in house and simultaneously reduced energy bills. The siding service would help in making your house a better efficient unit, preventing internal air flow from leaking out and keeping the outside energy and air from getting inside your home. The situation will save you from constant re-cool or re-heat and would eventually lower down the energy bills. Low electric consumption on the other hand implies a greener step and thus siding can be said to have eco-friendly benefits by some extent.

Siding would also hinder mold growth. If you install siding insulation it would prevent the moisture entrance to your house and simultaneously lead to no mold growth.

Building stronger windows for home security

January 11th, 2013 by cooldude

home security, home improvementIf you are staying in a crime prone area, you need to fix up your windows accordingly. Yes, you will arrange for advanced door locks and hardy doors but you have to be careful about the windows as well as these could be a viable option for the scoundrels to break into your house. Do you know that around 80 percent of the burglary crimes are committed via the home windows?

The first safety feature for a secured window is grills. Many people tend to avoid grill with the notion that too much of grills will make the room look like a prison bar. But isn’t safety more important than the aesthetic quotient in the room. A grilled window prevents any chance of breaking into the houses keeping you and your family members safe and sound.

Then make sure to fix up a sturdy window with tight hinges and joins so that it couldn’t be opened easily from the other side. Window locks are useful as well.

Conservatory vs orangery

January 5th, 2013 by cooldude

Orangery designs, conservatoryA Conservatory is the room with 80% of glass and wall. This can be used as a sunroom or greenhouse. Whereas orangery is built with the majority of brick works and smaller portion of the glass. This is same as the conservatory. More or less both are same. Some difference between both are:

• Orangeries are permanent and attractive comparing to conservatories
• Construction of an orangery is harder and it requires more work where as installing the conservatory is simple.
• Orangeries gives privacy than the conservatory
• Prices for constructing an orangery are bit high even though they will run longer.
• The difference between both is in the structure and design.
• Orangeries will keep the room warm even in the winter season, due to the insulation provided by it. This saves energy consumption and also money.

According to your taste and desire, decide which is suitable for your house.

A Starter’s Guide to Working with Wood

December 14th, 2012 by cooldude

woodworking projets, home projectsIf you want to start a home based project for the vacation or if you want to take up a new hobby then you can start with wood work. It can be an engaging and rewarding project or hobby to take up and it’ll also help you spend your leisure time in an enjoyable manner. When you start on a wood working project for the first time, you need to have a plan in hand. Depending upon the kind of project you’re working on, check online for printable plans.

You can also download 3D plans for a more detailed and useful understanding. If this is your first woodwork project, then start with something small like a stool or a garden bench. You need to have a good understanding of the technique which is required for the projects. Many blogs and websites have useful videos regarding to most common woodworking projects. Get the right tools and instructions and you’ll good to go.

Importance of gutter guards in home improvements

December 9th, 2012 by cooldude

gutter guards, home improvementGutter protection is used in the protection of your roof. So it is important in home improvements. If the gutter clogged with leaves, it will damage your basement and yard. Gutter guard will minimize the leakage. Gutter guards are used to streamline the rain water flow. It is used to filter the leaves and debris.

Types of gutter guard

Mesh screen type gutter is costly and you have to clean the mesh screen very often. Foam gutter guards are cheap and easy to install. Even small particles are filtered by the foam gutter guard because of its pores. The cleaning process is very hard and the water flow is low. These are the major disadvantage of using foam gutter guards.
Steel gutter guards are effective and it is permanent. The cost of the steel guard is slightly more than the copper or aluminum. Steel gutters are superior in strength and it is not affected by weather. The cleaning of this guard is easy. The steel gutter guard is the best option in home improvements.

Simple tips of wall renovation

December 4th, 2012 by cooldude

wall renovation, home improvementAre you on a plan for wall renovation this time? The article here lays down simple tips which would help you out on your wall renovation venture.

Nothing looks neat and appealing like a fresh coat of good paint on the wall. However, you have to prepare the walls properly before you start rolling the paint brush. First of all, take out the wall hangings or anything you have screwed to the wall with a screw driver. Then, go on with the plastering works. Plaster with fine plaster that would be easier to sand. After you are done start sanding with sanding block and fine paper.

Always remember to paint the patches first. The big holes would need patch of similar wall material. Your hair dryer can dry up patches faster. Prior to rolling the paint brush, make sure to cut in near the edges. Besides, keep in mind to paint each of the coats in similar order as otherwise there would be wide brush strokes near the edges.

An account on laying kitchen tiles

December 1st, 2012 by cooldude

kitchen tiles, kitchen careThere are a few things that you will need to know when it comes to laying kitchen tiles. First of all, it is important that you plan very well. It is important that you figure out the amount of space that would be used for tiling on the floor. It will also be important that the tiling of the floor is done before the installation of the cabinets.

You will have to make an estimation of the number of days that it may take for the tiling to be completed. Another thing that has to be considers is the question of underlayment. You will need cement boards if you tile over materials that are not concrete. Another important thing that has to be considered is the size of tile that will purchase for the floor of your kitchen. These are some of the things that have to be taken care of when you are going to lay kitchen floor tieless.

Home improvement dos and don’ts

November 25th, 2012 by cooldude

Home improvement, home care tipsThere are a few things that you will have to take care of when it comes to home improvement. First of all, you will have to make sure that you prepare yourself thoroughly before painting the house. it is very important that you put safety at the top of the list of your priorities when it comes to installing the electrical panels. It is also very important that you stick to the rules of the corporation when you are making extensions.

You should not fool around when you have to fix anything that related to electricity as it could be fatally dangerous. Never hire a help who is not a professional in the field. He may damage equipment and you have to end up paying a lot more than the job actually deserves. The sub floor of the house has to be taken care of properly. These are some of the things that you have to keep in mind in this regard.