Conservatory vs orangery

Orangery designs, conservatoryA Conservatory is the room with 80% of glass and wall. This can be used as a sunroom or greenhouse. Whereas orangery is built with the majority of brick works and smaller portion of the glass. This is same as the conservatory. More or less both are same. Some difference between both are:

• Orangeries are permanent and attractive comparing to conservatories
• Construction of an orangery is harder and it requires more work where as installing the conservatory is simple.
• Orangeries gives privacy than the conservatory
• Prices for constructing an orangery are bit high even though they will run longer.
• The difference between both is in the structure and design.
• Orangeries will keep the room warm even in the winter season, due to the insulation provided by it. This saves energy consumption and also money.

According to your taste and desire, decide which is suitable for your house.

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