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Drywall installation

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Install drywall, drywallAre you wondering whether you can install drywall all by yourself? Well, yes you can do it with the help of one more person as some heavy materials will have to be lifted.. Firstly, you need to measure the entire space right from ceilings to walls and order the drywall sheets. Greenboard and Concrete board are best for the moist bathroom area. Next you will have to arrange the drywall tools for installation like drywall lift, jacks, screw gun, T-square, keyhole, mud pan, tapping knife etc. Lift is available on rent at a hardware store near you if you cannot buy it.

Now, the area for drywall must be checked by a building inspector and he must permit the framing, electrical work, plumbing jobs. Finally begin the installation right from the ceiling by installing screws at a maximum distance of 12 inches. Follow a staggered design pattern to apply the drywall rows as it will create stronger wall or ceiling. Next install the wall in top to bottom fashion which is to be followed by tapping and mudding.