Building stronger windows for home security

home security, home improvementIf you are staying in a crime prone area, you need to fix up your windows accordingly. Yes, you will arrange for advanced door locks and hardy doors but you have to be careful about the windows as well as these could be a viable option for the scoundrels to break into your house. Do you know that around 80 percent of the burglary crimes are committed via the home windows?

The first safety feature for a secured window is grills. Many people tend to avoid grill with the notion that too much of grills will make the room look like a prison bar. But isn’t safety more important than the aesthetic quotient in the room. A grilled window prevents any chance of breaking into the houses keeping you and your family members safe and sound.

Then make sure to fix up a sturdy window with tight hinges and joins so that it couldn’t be opened easily from the other side. Window locks are useful as well.

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