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3 Tips of keeping your Basement Dry

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Tips of keeping your Basement DryBasement is considered to be the bottom part of your home which is considered to be the foundation in other words. We take proper care of our home but we forget to go through the foundation of our home which is the basement. It is considered to be important factor which the home owners are needed to keep in mind is keeping your basement dry. Try to avoid as many damage which you observe in your basement because if you are not repairing and maintaining it than it can lead you with making your basement wet and the foundation of your home can get damage. Well, it is more advisable of keeping your basement dry because it is going to be beneficial to the home owners only.

Not only are those but there many tips which can help you in the matters of keeping your basement dry which can help the home owners to get things on its right place. The further information of keeping your basement dry like ensuring that water is not accumulated in your basement, installing downspout and gutters, applying water resistant paint, etc. and many more of the tips which you can go for at the time of keeping your basement dry. For understanding in a better manner, the further details will help you in dealing with tips of keeping your basement dry.

Tips of keeping your basement dry

  1. Ensuring the water is not accumulated in your basement

First and the foremost thing which the home owners must take in to account at the time of keeping your basement dry is to make a watch over that the water is being not accumulated in the basement, because if you observe any of the possibility ion your basement than you must dry it as fast as possible because it is going to help you in keeping your basement dry in a better manner. This situation arises because of improper landscaping of your foundation. You must ensure that the ground is in the sloppy situation so that the water can easily flow out of the basement.

  1. Installing downspout and gutters

Another tip which can help you in keeping your basement dry is the use and the installation if gutters and downspout in your basement. This will help you in draining up the water which is being accumulated in your basement. If you are not having the gutter or downspout for collecting the rain water than you must go for it but keep that in mind that build it somewhat away from your basement otherwise it can affects you basement too.

  1. Using water resistant paint

Well, as stated that there are many tips which can help you in the matters of keeping your basement dry and you can also go for taking and installing in your home. Go for applying water resistant paints which can help you in many matters from getting your basement wet. If you are using the paint than it will help you in not allowing the external water from the walls in to the basement and will save up your basement too.

Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

BathroomWhich part of the house is such which you like to clean least? Bathroom is such a place in your house which is used the most and hence you don’t like to clean your bathroom. While cleaning your bathroom you have to clean lots of things like faucet, showers, floor, bath tub, toilet and basins and thus it becomes very tiring job. Cleaning your bathroom is a very much time consuming and hardworking job. Cleaning your bathroom involves some tricks and techniques, if followed them you will be able to clean your bathroom efficiently with ease and best results. Here are some tips to clean your bathroom.

  • Remove all things from their usual place

For getting the most efficient results, you must remove all your stuff from the bathroom as you start with the work of cleaning your bathroom. Take of all the products from your bath tub or shower. Also take out all the used towels and clothes hanging in your bathroom. Also take rugs or any trash cans or any of the items from the counters. Don’t forget any of the products like soap, shampoo, body wash or any other such thing in the bathroom.

  • Dust and sweep

Get all the dust out of your bathroom. Take a brush and sweep it in all the corners of your bathroom. If you can’t reach any of the corners then take ladder climb it and then try to clean dust stuck in there. Clean all your light fixtures and vents. Once you are done with cleaning corners and lights, sweep the floors or even vacuum the floors. Take all the hairs and other debris if you find any on the floor. This is very essential to clean the floor accurately for getting the best results of cleaning your bathroom.

  • Use cleaner to clean shower and bathtub

If you have all purpose cleaner then you can use the same to clean your bathtub and shower. If bathtub and shower is normally dirty then this cleaner will be fine but it is extremely dirty and have certain built up on them then it is advisable to use acid based cleaner to remove the built up.

  • Clean other surfaces

Spray your all-purpose cleaner on the other parts of your bathroom and clean them with a sponge or a damp cloth. Clean the towel rack, doors, blinds, windowsills and shelves. Also clean the faucets and basins. Cover all the surfaces from left to right or from top to bottom.

  • Clean the floor with solution

After all the surfaces are cleaned along with bathtub and shower, now it’s the time for floor to be cleaned. Make a cleaning solution for your floor. Take a bucket of water and if possible hot water and mix the cleaning solution with it. Clean your bathroom floor with that solution. After that, clean your bathroom floor again with clean water. Here there is end to the process of cleaning your bathroom.