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Advantages of adding a mudroom

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Mudroom design, home decorA home always should be kept neat and clean. You should have a separate place to clean all the dirty laundry and also to have a special storeroom for items which cannot be fitted for any kind of decor of the house. A mudroom is ideal for such reasons. You can also store away items which you don’t need that often like seasonal clothes, camping gear, tents, etc.

You can save space by creating built-ins. These are in built wall storage cabinets which can be used to store away items. You can also make use of boxes to separate out things in categories. You can even have specialized cabinets for each family member so that everything can be kept in order for each individual. This creates a neat and clean look for the mudroom. You can also decorate the room with bright colors.

Room soundproofing guidelines

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Room soundproofing tips, home improvementThere are a lot of ways to make your room soundproof. There are different areas of the room that needs different treatments for the job to be done. In case of the windows, you should make your single glazed windows – double glazed. Double glazed windows have a better capability of reducing sound. When it comes to the doors, you should go for doors that are made up of wood with a thick timber.

Solid wooden timber may get the sound reduced to around thirty to fifty five decibels. The walls of the room are also very important in order to reduce the sound escape. You should make an addition of a drywall in order to achieve the desired condition. There are a lot of myths associated to soundproofing. You should not waste time pasting egg shells and painting the room black as that will be absolutely of no use.

Paving knowledge that you must have

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Paving knowledge, Paving ideasIt is obvious that while getting a house built you spend lots of money but even after that the house looks incomplete sometimes and the reason for that is you forget some of the small things that are required to make the house look perfect. One of those small things is paving. It is important that your house is paved because it gives a complete look to your house by surrounding the driveway and garden.

Before you get the area paved you must know several things and the first thing is the style of paving, whether it will be concrete paving or block paving. Both of them are equally good because they are durable and needs no extra maintenance cost. Once they are done you can leave it open so that they dry themselves. Another advantage of getting the area around the house paved is that if any small children falls on it accidentally he will not get hurt badly. It is also one of the cost effective things when it comes to surrounding the house.

Steel building alternatives for you

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Steel building alternatives, construction tipsThree major categories of steel building are metal framing, steel arch and pole building. When it comes to metal framed or steel buildings, there will be an employment of a design f construction that would only have the frame built with steel of god grade. They are light and they can be easily constructed as well. They are also not very expensive.

They are much more flexible than most of the other materials that are used. The buildings of steel arch can be built most easily. They are constructed out of panes of arched steel. This style of construction is used for applications of fabrication and agriculture. These structures are built entirely with the arched steel and the arch that is formed serves as the walls and the roofs. The metal buildings make a design in which the posts of the building are attached with trusses and posts.

Things to consider before picking a carpenter

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Hire a carpenter, carpenterIf you want to renovate the furniture of your house and are looking for a carpenter for the purpose, be careful and selective about it. There are a few essential things that you need to consider whenever you are going to hire a carpenter. The first thing you must know is the reputation of the carpenter. This is very important for you so that you get a good idea of the type of work you are going to get from him. If possible do see some of his works also.

Make sure that he knows the type of work that you want to do in your house. If he is not an expert and is doing that work for the first time, then it is advisable not to go for him. Also the money he demands is a very important thing and you should judge him by that too. Talk to a few carpenters and then compare among them to decide which one is the best for you to serve your purpose.

Green construction material options

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Green construction materialAre you on your hunt for green housing products? Well, it’s good that you are considering the “green” options and the good news is that there are a good number of eco-friendly or green construction materials to go for.

You have the recycled products which are made out of recycled products assuring no wastage. You have the examples or polymer or rubber roofing here which imitates the slate roofing yet weighs much less & demand less maintenance. You can even have your countertops made from recycled concrete or glass which ensures solid environmental protection with no compromise on the beauty of the décor.

Then, you have the lumber options. If you prefer a wooden build or décor, it’s advised to go for wood from managed or certified forests- avoid the old timbers or wood from the endangered hardwood species. Bamboo is again another viable green construction material- its attractive, durable and eco-friendly.