Common Plumbing Problems in Home

December 23rd, 2016 by Brenton
Animated cartoon teasing a faucet Plumbing probelm

Dripping faucet -Plumbing problem

Research has proved that home owners, depending upon the age of the home, will call up the plumber once in every two years. For some of the home owners, this might seems like a lot, but for many of the others they might plan a visit from a plumber every cumulative year. But what are this plumbing problem actually of? Have you ever thought of it? Well, there are many different types of plumbing problems, buy we are always asked, if this is one of the common types of plumbing problem? I know, you haven’t seen a varied range of plumbing problems from small to big, so here we generate a list of common types of plumbing problems, which is mostly observed in the homes.

Different plumbing problems in home:

Leaking pipes:

While we observe a lot of leaky pipes during the cold weather, it’s also very common the year around. Most of the leakage is noticed near the joints, so it’s advisable of keeping an eye on the wet surface of the home like the ceiling and ground.

Water damage might increase the cost expenditure of home owners, so leaking pipes is one of the plumbing issues. It is very important for fixing it right away, as you observe the damage.

Dripping faucets:

It’s normal of having dripping faucet, so it is considered as one of the common plumbing problem. Let’s face the fact, we all have this dripping faucet in our home and have even ignored it for a long time.

The dripping faucet not only wastes the water but it’s also responsible in wasting the money from your pockets on the water bills you pay. Find out the ratio of dripping water and repair is as soon as possible.

Clogged drains:

It’s always advisable of staying away from any type of over the counter cleaning products. Instead of that, use natural cleaning products for getting rid of clogged drainage system or pipes. You can also give a call to the professional plumbing agency or service provider for clearing out the clogged drains.

Meanwhile you can also follow the cleaning instructions suggested on the label of the product you’re using.

Running toilets:

I know, home owners would never have even thought for it, but it is true that a running toilet wastes up to 250 gallons of water a day. That’s a lot of water waste! Home owners should check the internal water and piping system of the toilet. Check and identify the leaking space. Whether it’s the flush problem or the internal system damage?

Failure of sump pump:

Sump pump failure is one of the common causes to plumbing problem. A prolonged period of heavy rain can cause damage to your sump pump. It’s recommended of protecting your basement and foundation by repairing the sump pump installed at your home.

Low pressure of water:

It is mostly observed in older homes, but you might be asking why? Because it is the indication of mounting or replacing the old shower heads and faucets with the new ones. Find out the hidden leaks responsible for low water pressure at your home.

Chimney Tips for home

November 15th, 2016 by Mitosh
Tips to Clean chimney

Ways to clean chimney

When it is too early in the morning time, the weather is chilled outside and then you will have a need to light up your chimney. Hence it is extremely essential to pay attention on your chimney safety before you start up the stacking firewood. Appropriate cleaning and maintenance of chimney are some of the prime steps to keep your family and home warm and safe when the outside temperature drops heavily. Chimneys which are not given proper attention will generate a byproduct which is extremely combustible having charred wood along their walls. When a high flue temperature is given internally then chances are there that it can get dangerous fire on hands and damage them.

If you are intending to keep this risk aside then you must try for professional chimney sweeping services for inspecting all those cracks and loose bricks. Professional services will clean up the chimney and also do the inspections work. Chimney Inspection is divided into three steps which are here.

  • The first and foremost step is for there for the standard inspection which is conducted annually. This type of inspection is for that chimney which does not possess any major changes which should be investigated. The professional inspector will be examining both exterior and interior parts of the chimney. Casual soundness of your chimney will also be examined and if any obstructions are there it will be taken into consideration very carefully.
  • Second step of chimney care is for those inspections which needs some change in fuel type or any other change in the material or flue shape.
  • This step is not very common. This type of inspection is undertaken only when there is any hazard. In this case, chimney or any of the part of the building is put aside for examining the chimney very deeply.

When the inspection is completed, there are certain basic things if they are followed will be extremely beneficial for your chimney and also your home.

  • The area which is there in front part of the chimney should be kept very clean and clear and it must be kept far away from paper and debris. It can be extremely problematic to make decorations at the time of celebrations but still ensure that things are kept away from the fire place or the chimney.
  • If your fireplace is not having a glass door, you can use wire and mesh screen.
  • Use a seasoned hardwoods which are splinted for time period of six months which can be extended to a year. Don’t burn your Christmas tree and also make sure to not to throw the boxes, wrappers and any such other trash stuff inside your fireplace.
  • The area surrounding your chimney must be kept clear. If there are any trees which are hanging near by the chimney then cut them off. The leaves and branches must be at a distance of at least 15 feet away.
  • Ensure to not to throw extreme wood as it can cause cracks in your chimney.


Tips on Maintaining your Portable Air Conditioning Unit

October 22nd, 2016 by Brenton
Air Conditioning Unit installation

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Having a profitable air conditioning unit will not help you much in long run if not maintained properly. Proper care and maintenance is important for keeping your portable air conditioning unit up to date. Appropriate maintenance of the portable air conditioning unit will not only increase the durability but will also help in increasing the efficiency of the unit. It increases its overall efficiency for conducting the functions accurately and in a correct way. The below states tips offers you with the tips on maintaining your portable air conditioning unit that will help you in taking better care and ensures it to last for a longer period of time.


  • Portable air conditioning unit offers a benefit of easy mobility. It can be moved from one room to another. But while moving it, it is important to pay attention to its positioning. Place it away from the room having more dusty and dirty particles.
  • The small particles get clogged into the exhaust pipe. These small particles have the potential to coat the unit and the motor installed. It can cause the reason to clog. It is important for checking the humidity of the room because you air conditioning unit will drain more if the temperature is not appropriate.
  • Don’t forget to check and inspect the supply source offering to your air conditioning unit. It should at least supply 120 volt of current for running it accurately. It helps in easily starting the unit and the motor installed. Compressor doesn’t face much stress for getting on.
  • If your power circuit is not supplying adequate amount of electric supply, you will observe that your air conditioning unit is suffering from elimination of fuse and working issues. Buying a surge protector will help you in leading and protecting your home from any uncertainty.
  • Good care of the filters of the portable air conditioning unit is very import ant for experiencing better working and functionality of your unit. Read the instructions carefully of caring and cleaning it properly.
  • Regular cleaning of the filters helps in increasing its efficiency and last for a longer period of time. Also check that the unit comprises of a carbon filter. If present, it is advisable of changing it for every six months for better functioning. Even replacing the filter will help you increasing the life of your unit and functions in a better way.
  • Storing the air conditioning unit in a right way should be performed by the home owners. If you are not planning of using the unit on a frequent base, it is advisable to cover it properly and seal it so that it can be reused again.
  • If the pats of the air conditioning units are not protected correctly, it might result in breakdown of unit when you use it again in future time. Keep it out of the reach of moisture because of it, the parts get clogged and the possibility of changing it increases.

Key Ideas To decorate Your Home

August 11th, 2016 by Mitosh

decorate your homeDecorating your home is one of the most creative projects to do and it is also one of the most exciting projects. It might be one of the lifelong dreams to decorate your home in the way you want. Decorating your home might be a fun loving and exciting thing to do but you also need to careful and don’t take any such steps while decorating your home which you have to regret at the end of the work. There are many ways to decorate your home but you need to find the right way which suits your home and enhance the beauty of your home. There are many important which should be paid importance while decorating your home like painting, furniture, décor accessories, kitchen appliance and many other such things. It’s well and good if you can decorate your home yourself, if not then you must take the help of professional and  decorate your homer in the most perfect and efficient manner as you can. Here are some of the key ideas to decorate your home.

  • Let the sun shine in

When it comes to window dressing while decorating your home, you need to be very careful. A bad window treatment can ruin whole show of your beautiful home. If your home is having heavy and outdated window dressing then it’s better to keep your window naked instead of this outdated dressing. Window dressing must always be elegant and functional. Try out sheers paired with full length panels. If you are putting curtains in such a room where there is lots of sunlight then opt for the light and soft colors which would not fade. The most recommended light weighted fabrics especially for panels are linen, cotton and silk blends as they usually hang well.

  • Hang at least one mirror in each room

Mirrors are such a thing which makes your space feels brighter as it bounces the light around your whole room. But you need to be careful while placing them as placing it at wrong place is as bad as not having one or it can even get worse. Try and place your mirror at a place which is perpendicular to the windows. Not totally opposite of the window as it can bounce the light wholly right back out of the window.

  • Scale artwork to your wall

Yes there is certain more ridiculous thing then keeping a bad wall hanging at a way too much height. Actually any wall hanging should be hanged at an eye level. There are certain short persons and certain tall persons in your family, get an average and then hang your artwork at that average height. If you are hanging so many pictures on one wall then you must keep proper spacing don’t keep them too far keep distance of two to four inches between each picture. This will give the best look to your wall.

Easy Steps To Clean Your Garage

July 20th, 2016 by Mitosh

Cleaning your garageIn this totally perfect, garage is such a place which is totally imperfect but still wonders start at this imperfect place only. Garage is the place where the band performs its first song; a family feels how good it is to come back home and the place where dad teaches his son or daughter how to park. Garage being such an important and memorable place why it is always outsider part of your home and always ignored while renovation or remodeling or even cleaning. Garage even protects your vehicle and also helps you like store house all the stuff which you don’t use on regular basis are stored in garage. But still whenever the thing comes about cleaning your home, garage is never part of it. Cleaning your garage is also equally important as that of cleaning your home. Cleaning your garage can come across to you like a treasure hunt as while cleaning your garage, you might come across those stuff which you have been searching for a long while and still not finding it.  Cleaning your garage is also very much useful as now you can get the things easily as and when you want without having to spend half an hour in searching and ending up in buying the new one. Here are some of the easy and potential tips of cleaning your garage.

  • Empty the garage

First and foremost thing to be done, while cleaning your garage, is emptying the space. Just organizing and cleaning the stuff is not enough while cleaning your garage especially when you haven’t clean your garage since a long time? You don’t want to empty your garage as it is a long and tiring process but it is very much important. Take your car out of your garage and also take all the stuff and all of your belongings out of your garage. Make the space fully empty. There will be many tools and many distractions which can stop you from cleaning your garage like old photographs. It can make you sit and remind all those old moments. But don’t get in the trap of that stuff and continue with taking all the stuff out of your garage. While doing this thing, you will find many such things which is of no use and thus pay focus on donating those things and making extra space in your garage while cleaning your garage.

  • Clean the garage

Cleaning your garage is a tiring process as it must be the dirtiest part of the home. As and when car comes and goes out it brings dust and dirt along with it which is really sticky. Thus take bleaching powder and mix it in a bucket full of water. Spread the solution over the floor of your garage and let the solution sit there for 5 to 10 minutes. After that take a scrub and clean your garage with it and then rinse the floor with plain water and arrange the stuff again in your garage in well and appropriate manner.


3 Tips of keeping your Basement Dry

June 22nd, 2016 by Brenton

Tips of keeping your Basement DryBasement is considered to be the bottom part of your home which is considered to be the foundation in other words. We take proper care of our home but we forget to go through the foundation of our home which is the basement. It is considered to be important factor which the home owners are needed to keep in mind is keeping your basement dry. Try to avoid as many damage which you observe in your basement because if you are not repairing and maintaining it than it can lead you with making your basement wet and the foundation of your home can get damage. Well, it is more advisable of keeping your basement dry because it is going to be beneficial to the home owners only.

Not only are those but there many tips which can help you in the matters of keeping your basement dry which can help the home owners to get things on its right place. The further information of keeping your basement dry like ensuring that water is not accumulated in your basement, installing downspout and gutters, applying water resistant paint, etc. and many more of the tips which you can go for at the time of keeping your basement dry. For understanding in a better manner, the further details will help you in dealing with tips of keeping your basement dry.

Tips of keeping your basement dry

  1. Ensuring the water is not accumulated in your basement

First and the foremost thing which the home owners must take in to account at the time of keeping your basement dry is to make a watch over that the water is being not accumulated in the basement, because if you observe any of the possibility ion your basement than you must dry it as fast as possible because it is going to help you in keeping your basement dry in a better manner. This situation arises because of improper landscaping of your foundation. You must ensure that the ground is in the sloppy situation so that the water can easily flow out of the basement.

  1. Installing downspout and gutters

Another tip which can help you in keeping your basement dry is the use and the installation if gutters and downspout in your basement. This will help you in draining up the water which is being accumulated in your basement. If you are not having the gutter or downspout for collecting the rain water than you must go for it but keep that in mind that build it somewhat away from your basement otherwise it can affects you basement too.

  1. Using water resistant paint

Well, as stated that there are many tips which can help you in the matters of keeping your basement dry and you can also go for taking and installing in your home. Go for applying water resistant paints which can help you in many matters from getting your basement wet. If you are using the paint than it will help you in not allowing the external water from the walls in to the basement and will save up your basement too.

Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

June 7th, 2016 by Mitosh

BathroomWhich part of the house is such which you like to clean least? Bathroom is such a place in your house which is used the most and hence you don’t like to clean your bathroom. While cleaning your bathroom you have to clean lots of things like faucet, showers, floor, bath tub, toilet and basins and thus it becomes very tiring job. Cleaning your bathroom is a very much time consuming and hardworking job. Cleaning your bathroom involves some tricks and techniques, if followed them you will be able to clean your bathroom efficiently with ease and best results. Here are some tips to clean your bathroom.

  • Remove all things from their usual place

For getting the most efficient results, you must remove all your stuff from the bathroom as you start with the work of cleaning your bathroom. Take of all the products from your bath tub or shower. Also take out all the used towels and clothes hanging in your bathroom. Also take rugs or any trash cans or any of the items from the counters. Don’t forget any of the products like soap, shampoo, body wash or any other such thing in the bathroom.

  • Dust and sweep

Get all the dust out of your bathroom. Take a brush and sweep it in all the corners of your bathroom. If you can’t reach any of the corners then take ladder climb it and then try to clean dust stuck in there. Clean all your light fixtures and vents. Once you are done with cleaning corners and lights, sweep the floors or even vacuum the floors. Take all the hairs and other debris if you find any on the floor. This is very essential to clean the floor accurately for getting the best results of cleaning your bathroom.

  • Use cleaner to clean shower and bathtub

If you have all purpose cleaner then you can use the same to clean your bathtub and shower. If bathtub and shower is normally dirty then this cleaner will be fine but it is extremely dirty and have certain built up on them then it is advisable to use acid based cleaner to remove the built up.

  • Clean other surfaces

Spray your all-purpose cleaner on the other parts of your bathroom and clean them with a sponge or a damp cloth. Clean the towel rack, doors, blinds, windowsills and shelves. Also clean the faucets and basins. Cover all the surfaces from left to right or from top to bottom.

  • Clean the floor with solution

After all the surfaces are cleaned along with bathtub and shower, now it’s the time for floor to be cleaned. Make a cleaning solution for your floor. Take a bucket of water and if possible hot water and mix the cleaning solution with it. Clean your bathroom floor with that solution. After that, clean your bathroom floor again with clean water. Here there is end to the process of cleaning your bathroom.

Storm Resistant Roofing

July 19th, 2015 by Mitosh

Storm proof roofingRoof saves you from plenty of problems. It saves you from rain, storm, high winds, heat and all other seasonal problems. If the roof is not proper then it only needs a minute to peel off the roof of a house. If the roofs house is once damaged it could be damaged again and again even after repairing it. Thus the best available thing for you to do is make your house roof storm resistant and stay away and safe from all storm related roof issues. Here are some of the tips which helps your roof to stay storm resistant.

  • Build a moderately pitched hip roof

As compared to steep roofs, mild roofs are a good conductor of storms. They can handle wind in stronger manner. The appropriate size for the roof is below 6/12 and greater than 4/12. When going for flat roofs they are more problematic as they increase uplift forces on the areas of overhang and are easier to get leaks on the roofs. Even when comparing gable roofs with hip roofs, hip roofs are on the priority as they are comparatively more aerodynamic and wind resistant. They are also very good in shedding the water away and keeping the roof away from water and leak damage.

  • Tie hurricane straps to load bracing components

If you are thinking to install hurricane straps on non load receiving components and it’s not going to help your roof to be safe from the disaster or help roof being storm resistant. Instead tie them to the load bearing bracing or walls and it will prove to be beneficial in storm conditions. Use those hurricane straps which wraps the top truss or rafter of roof

  • Add baffled ridge with soffit vents

If you lower down the number of penetrations on the roof then it will prove to be added protection for your roof. Penetrations of roof like attic vents can blow in the situation of high winds or storm giving a gap for water to enter and create water accumulation and then leakage issues. You can opt for baffled ridge vents. It can prevent flow of air and rain which is driven through air from entering into the attic through the way of ridge vent. To minimize the area through which wind driven rain enters the attic you can select soffit vents with perforations which are concentrated near the outer edge.

  • Securely attach roof decking

Roof sheathing should be applied which should be having a minimum thickness of 19/32 inches as it adds strength in circumstances of high risk and high wind along with storms. Try to apply a secure pattern which is of 8D ring which nails at 6 inches exactly on the center. Beware that you don’t attest it with staples. Also be conscious about the spacing as there should be a ¼ inch gap between every sheet for thermal expansion. This spacing can be provided by the H clips along with adding strength to the horizontal connections.

Benefits of Cedar Siding

June 13th, 2015 by Mitosh

Cedar sidingThere are several advantages of home with cedar siding starting from beauty, durability, protection and many other advantages. Cedar is considered to be one of the fantastic material for building possessing several natural qualities. If you want to opt for a cedar siding in your home you must have a look at some of the benefits of it.



It lasts long

Cedar is much tough wood which stays away from many problems. Unlike other woods, it has a great power to avoid the problems like bacteria, rot, fungi and mildew which is an excellent feature. For maintaining for a long time, the thing you need to do is to clean it twice a year. Along with cleaning, you should also have a habitual check for moisture collection and termites. You might be shocked to know that your cedar can last for decades if maintained it properly with relevant care. As compared with other wood, cedar siding maintenance is very low.

Plenty of types and finishes

Cedar siding gives a beautiful natural look. For giving it original look, you can use it in natural untreated form. With passing years it will fade and get whiten but still it will long last. If you prefer a choice perfectly natural look, you can go for a clear finish. You also have a choice of painting your cedar siding. Along with painting you also got a option of finishing it. For maintain the immense beauty of cedar siding you need to repaint or refinish it every 4 or 5 years. With beauty cedar siding also offers you various types such as board and batten, bevel, tongue and groove, rough cut and many others. You might be surprised to know that it is also available in red or white.

Durable and tough

Cedar siding is strongly protective against problems like bending, splitting and swelling. It possesses a natural quality of fighting against rot and moisture problems. Known fact that it is durable with low maintenance but still like other wood sidings, you should make some efforts to protect it with layer of finish so that it last long along with maintaining its beauty. If you are expecting you will never have any trouble with cedar siding than it is totally wrong because none of the woods are totally insusceptible to the issues of rot, humidity or termites. Apart from this fact, cedar is much away from all these problems and it don’t cut or warp easily.

Environment friendly

It’s a wrong believed notion that using wood siding is not an environment friendly option. Up to an extent, this thing might be right but as far as cedar siding is concerned, it requires least treatment and processing. It is totally biodegradable once it is usable life. Cedar siding are completely renewable commodity and environment friendly commodity. It can last for much longer time as compared to other wooden parts and portions. Taking pine as an example, it does not last as long as cedar does.



Benefits Of Using Natural Stone Tiles

December 8th, 2014 by cooldude

Natural Stone TilesHave you bought a new house? Are you renovating? Having trouble deciding what types of tiles to use? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Just keep scrolling down and see what you can do with a natural stone.

Natural Stone

Natural stones are geographically existing stones which are used for decorative purpose in monuments or constructions used along with gemstones. They can be either produced or dug up.

Basically the following types are usually used and produce:

  • MarblesGranite
  • Sandstones
  • Slate
  • Flaggy Limestone
  • Quartzite
  • Terracotta
  • Flagstone
  • Travertine

Split face mosaic

Why a smart choice?

You must be wondering why use something so ancient? But it is not. You will startle to see the benefits of natural stones. So just keep scrolling:

• Not too much work

Worried about cleaning? Don’t be. After proper installation, it is very easy to clean. Just dust it or use a vacuum cleaner or just sweep it and then just mop the tiles. If there is a stain, just call the manufacture cleaners and your tiles will be good as new.

• Use it anywhere and everywhere

There is an orthodox believe that tiles can only be used as kitchen and bathroom flooring but it is not true.

You can use it in walls, ceiling, tubs, showers and floors of any part of the house or also in columns, table tops, counter tops etc.

See now your house will not look a little too multi-coloured.

•Save some bucks

Thinking of money? Using natural stones, is just one time investment. Once properly installed, don’t worry about changing them for years.
Also, natural stones increase the value of your house.

• Healthy

Healthy, seriously? Yes it is. Dust doesn’t settle on natural stones easily. So, it is amazing for asmathatics and also people who are allergic to dust.
Not just this, it has a natural way of keeping the house warm which is good for human body as human body’s temperature is a little higher than that of the surrounding.

• Lot of choices

As you have seen above, you have lots and lots of choices. Cheap, expensive, various choices, different colours etc.

• Your own colour scheme

Colour problems, no problem. Now that these can be synthesized, you can get whichever colour you want.

• Up scale

It is so popular that everyone wants it. Once you’re done, just flaunt these tiles away.

• Get what you want

Fitting problems? Hey, it’s ok. Natural stone tiles come in a number of sizes. Not just this, you can mix and match these tiles and create something totally different.

• Homely

Its natural, it’s homely. The natural tiles have their own special shine, giving your house a more homely warm feeling.

• Think about the environment

You know what, it is environmental friendly too. It is a good conductor of heat and so does not interfere with the natural processes too.

• Timeless

It is formed by natural pressure, so every design is different. It is a different kind of modern art which is unique as well so it never goes out of style.
So, what more do you need. Your house is important, so make the right choice.